I work on 1:1 child to sponsor. Where when I give you a child it is upto you how you want to sponsor them. This could be from you sending someone at home to see..pick and take child to school, you calling school to follow up child's payment n pay fees yourself or, you sending me the funds to take child to school for u where u can visit them in future ...although this is last option as I deal with a lot of kids this way and would rather a sponsor deals with a child. When a child is picked from the list to be sponsored, I mark them and put the sponsor's name next to the child's name (just one name) to show transparency that I alocate one child to one sponsor. I mark them on my next post on misterseed and on m y website. I discourage a sponsor from sending funds to parents as these parents are poor and might have other more important needs. I give you a child's contact so if you send me the funds, you will tell the parent how much was sent. On day of reporting to school, the parent, child and my Co ordinator at home will meet up, do shopping for child's boarding togetherand pay fees to bank. The parent will get banking slip and proceed to take child to sch. You can later speak to parent or call sch to see if the child reported and know how the funds were used. Other terms I send funds to my cordinator at home, child gets banking slip and proceeds to school. Lastly I insist on sponsorships for all four years as have no extra funds to assist the child when a sponsor only sponsors for a year or two. Meaning the child would drop out. My main aim is just and only to help these poor children aquire education for a better future. This helps eliminate generations of poverty. When you educate a child, You have taken them off the streets and put them is school where they should be for they age, thus avoiding child labour, ealry pregnacnies and use of drugs. Every child deserves education with or without good grades where even if they dont perfome very well they have a form four certificate which can enable them do samll course or join the police force etc.

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